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The first step in achieving a successful irrigation system is a good design. Properly designed sprinkler and drip systems decrease water consumption by improving the accuracy, timing and delivery of water, thereby reducing runoff and preventing over watering. This leads to better looking lawns and landscapes while preventing plant loss.

Our Reticulation System Design Service makes planning your system easy by creating a customised professional irrigation plan specific to your property’s geography and landscape.

New system installationUsing our Design Service is easy. All you need to do is provide us with a sketch of your property and a few details and a customized design will be prepared for you. Each design includes information on proper equipment placement throughout your yard, correct sprinkler selection, number of zones needed, ideal timer location and a complete shopping list of all the parts and accessories you need even the amount of PVC or poly pipe your system will require. Designs are broken down by zone for ease of planning. (Design Charge $99.00)

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